And it is precisely there, where the Appennines end and the hills start, (hills that are rich in vineyards alternating with woods and clear waters that blend toward the plain) ,that begins the discovery of this marvelous territory sprinkled with little villages imbued with history.

The naturalistic tourism allows to extend between stretched woods and unpolluted lakes like the ones of Lavagnina and Gorzente that are located in the Park Capanne di Marcarolo. Trekking and mountain bike lovers will be able to cover these wonderful routes that cross this “wild” park, unique of its kind. Climbers, will find an ideal and natural place to train , just outside Gavi, in the cliff of Neirone whose cleft was recently included in the “Management Entity for the protected areas of the Appennino ligure “ under the name “Narural Reserve of Neirone”. Relax and sport lovers will discover, among these uninterrupted landscapes of vineyards and woods, gorgeous golf courses with 9 to 12 holes ,like the “Serravalle Golf Club” in Serravalle, the “Golf Club Colline del Gavi in Tassarolo and the “Golf Club Villa Carolina “ in Capriata d’Orba. The many equestrian centers around the area offer suggestive walks for those who practice equitation, while for those who practice gliding the Novi Airport is the perfect starting base for local flights.

A few kilometers away from the chaotic and laborious Valle Scrivia, with its industries and shopping malls, especially the extraordinary Outlet McArthur Glen, you will find landscapes, lovely for the green of their woods and vineyards. Precisely on this beautiful idyllic territory the economy is based essentially on agriculture with fodder, corn and wheat crops, including also vegetable gardens and excellent mushrooms and tasty chestnuts. However the most significant activity is without doubt the viticulture.

The grapevines, absorbed in sandstone hills, red and clayey soils and caressed by the sea wind ,produce , from an ancient autochthonous vine named Cortese ,a Great white piedmontese wine ;The Gavi DOCG.

Exclusively composed of Cortese grapes ,cultivated in the grapevines of eleven districts which form his Denomination, today the Gavi is produced by many agricultural consortium companies that contribute to grow the excellence of an internationally renewed white wine. Many ventures and manifestations like “Cantine Aperte” and “di Gavi in Gavi” allow the wine tourists to visit the wine cellars of the agricultural companies, you will be welcomed with cordiality and willingness. Other excellent wines of these lands are the Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Moscato and Passito.

Also the cuisine smells like history with ancient preparations and recipes like the “Ravioli Gaviesi” or the headcheese, the Corzetti (a type of pasta)with pine nuts and marjoram or the “Gavi rice” or the rice cake from Bosio and so on. You can also taste the potato flat bread(Focaccia) or the stretched flat bread (even thinner), not to mention the mixed boiled meats and the “Amaretti”(almond biscuits) from Gavi and Voltaggio. Among all the dairy products , excels the cow and goat cheese: the Montebore whose origins date back to the year 1000.

The territory beside what you have just read is also known for its culture as an area where art and history are the actresses in a theatre of ancient events that came in succession throughout the centuries , producing a culture and an history of notable value.

It is almost impossible to mention all the artistic and architectonical works that the visitor will be able to admire but we can surely show you some of the most significant ones.

You cannot lose the opportunity to see the Capuccini art gallery with religious paintings; Works of great importance from the XV and XVIII century .

It is charming and suggestive to fallow the paths inside medieval castles and fortresses like those of Gavi, Francavilla, Tassarolo, San Cristoforo, Montaldeo, Casaleggio , Lerma and many other fortresses or country manors located in almost every medieval village on the territory.

Also the religious architecture has an infinity of evidences with abbeys and parish churches built all over the territory between the X and XIX centuries. We remember among all the others the Romanesque church of San Giacomo Maggiore in Gavi , dating back to the XII century and the parish church of Santa Maria Lemoris (now deconsecrated) , dating XI century also located in Gavi or the abbey of San Remigio dating XI century located in Parodi or “The Ancient Parish Church of San Martino” in Pasturana, dating back to the Lombard age.

This marvelous “middle earth” will surely offer dimensions of life, fun and refreshment to the visitor, who meeting all these places ,will interact with them eventually becoming “adopted” by this land , because the hospitality and warmth are always an aptitude among the local people.